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UPDATED May 10, 2018


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Lots of great concerts coming to Wellington soon, check it out under the Local Stuff section...

Membership is open to the NZAEP for Students: a great initiative to get those learning about our industry in at the ground floor among professionals.

The Writers Festival, held in Auckland (15-20 May), The Lux Light Festival, held in Wellington (18-27 May), the legendary Jason Bonham (see below), and much more...

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Local Stuff

For a comprehensive Calendar of Events in Wellington, use the DomPost calendar or the WellingtonNZ calendar, both excellent resources.

May 31st in Christchurch and June 02 in Auckland:

Concerts by none other than the son of one of the Rock world's most legendary drummers John Bonham! That's right, Jason Bonham arrives in NZ to give only two amazing shows of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Visit the Press Release for his NZ visit, and a backgrounder on this immensely fortuitous occassion and details on where and how to get tickets... can't wait for it!

Absolutely legendary!

You know the tunes, now kick back and take it all in properly. For a taste, see here!

The band, the stories, the music… so organic and authentic to the original artist. Jason Bonham's perspective, drumming and creation are spot on. You could close your eyes and listen...and what you hear is John Bonham, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

Get out and about and enjoy the Capital City

...or, the "Creative Capital" as it's known, home to the national Museum Te Papa Tongarewa, (the Museum of NZ), the seat of our Government, Weta Workshop (take a tour!), and as the Cultural Capital, some key iconic happenings in the overall Events Calendar for the country. Definitely, the world's Coolest Little Capital (as a Wellington business, we might be slightly biased here, I'm sure you can forgive us!). This stunning time-lapse video by Stephen Patience truly captures the essence of the City we and a lot of people, around the world, just love about it. His other time-lapse "Wellington - Alive and Vibrant" is just brilliant too - what a great insight!

Get out and about and involved!

Happening Overseas (ex-NZ)

There's some fine Festivals happening around Europe coming up, and some exciting things in the US as well...

For the rockers out there (let's just go with the Boham / Zep buzz and general rocking theme), can't miss the famous Rock Am Ring, held in Mendig, Germany, simply huge, "Germany's largest Mega-Festival with a combined attendance of 150,000 at both festivals. The same Artists play two different locations during the first Weekend in June. Festivals may evolve and change over the years, but Rock Music will always remain the core of these Festivals."

Perfect for the Rock afficionado!

Wisconsin, get ready to rock huge as well in mind-July! There's Rock Festivals, and then there's Rock Fest! The website says:

"Rock Fest is the true Rock experience you can’t miss. In its 25th year, it is THE top venue for people of all ages to come together for one common purpose: to congregate with other rock fans from across the world, in a place where rock music still matters. Featuring the very best of active and classic rock and legendary names in Rock Music, entertainment and experience are first priority."

Traveling overseas? Keep an eye out for these events!

So, lots to keep you involved and enjoying what NZ and overseas has to offer in the world of Events, keep a tab on the Calendars, and if so-inclined, volunteer for some!

Last but definitely not least - if you need help putting on an Event get in touch with us!